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Piece Goods versus Rucked Netting

Q&A Session with Lisa Vacco, Flavorseal’s Netting Product Manager


Q: What is the difference between piece goods and rucked netting?

Lisa: Piece goods are individual netting pieces usually clipped at one end. Piece goods are a manual process. Rucked netting allows the netting to be run on equipment with a continuous loading mechanism. In general, rucked netting saves time and money because of continuous throughput and less waste.


Q: Do most people start out with piece goods netting?

Lisa: It depends on the size of the customer and the volume they are producing and how they are producing their product. But in general, if they were starting from scratch, most would start with clipped pieces.


Q: At what point do they start to consider a rucking process rather than piece netting?

Lisa: When their volume grows or when they are trying to take additional labor out of the process.


Q: Are there different products more suited toward piece or rucked netting?

Lisa: Not really – In most cases if a customer is using a piece of netting, with some modifications they could easily change to rucked netting.


Q: Are there any advantages to using piece goods netting?

Lisa: The only advantage of piece goods, is if they only produce a very small quantity of something. Or if they do not want to invest in different equipment. But the labor savings and material savings usually pay for any additional equipment needed pretty quickly.


Q: What are the considerations we take into account when recommending a netting solution to a customer?

Lisa: The primary consideration is volume – the volume that they are producing and how they are producing the product. If they need to increase production, or reduce costs, making the switch from piece goods to continuous netting will usually result in both aspects being accomplished.



To learn more about the types of netting Flavorseal offers or to find out what netting solution is right for you, visit our netting products page or contact any one of our knowledgeable representatives using our contact us form.



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