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Ovenable Packaging: How To Increase Sales with Oven Cook-In Bags and Seasoning Products

Increase Sales with Pre-Seasoned, Cook-In Packaging

Today’s consumers are looking for convenience in meal preparation, and nothing is more convenient than cook-in packaging. Protein that can go directly from the store to the home oven or microwave without any steps in between is one of the fastest growing segments in our industry. Adding a pre-seasoned or marinated component to that protein in the same cook-in bag creates another layer of convenience that today’s consumer will find hard to resist.

For processors looking to innovate existing product lines, adding a pre-seasoned cook-in packaging option is a great way to increase sales, while contributing operational and business benefits as well. Both are easy to do with Flavorseal’s Seasoning Transfer Technology and ovenable bags. The combination of Seasoning Transfer Technology and cook-in packaging allows processors to easily create a new, seasoned product by adding flavor to proteins. And at the same time, it creates a product that can be cooked right in its own package, giving consumers the convenience they crave.

Add Flavors Easily with Seasoning Transfer Technology

Over the last decade Flavorseal developed several different innovative Seasoning Transfer Technology products that make pre-seasoning proteins on the production line quick and easy. These sheets and casings are coated with your choice of seasonings or spice blends, so application of seasoning is a clean and simple one-step process. This method of application reduces spice waste and cleanup time, while producing a more consistent application of flavorings. However, these methods require repackaging after processing. Flavorseal’s newest seasoning transfer option, Seasoning Transfer Bags, eliminate that repackaging step. Seasonings are pre-applied to the inside of the finished bag, so the seasoning step is as quick as placing the protein inside the bag. Seasoning Transfer Bag technology works with almost any bag structure, but provides an added layer of convenience when combined with ovenable packaging. This innovation creates a product that is convenient for consumers and cost effective for processors to implement.

Evaluating Ovenable Packaging for the Production Line

Switching to cook-in packaging can be a cost-effective way to add additional value to a product line.

How can processors be certain it will work with their process?

Although ovenable bags like Flavorseal’s are engineered to run on existing equipment and do not require significant adjustments to implement these new products, there are certain factors that processors may want to consider when evaluating if an ovenable bag will work for your product line.

Can the packaging be used at temperatures matching the protein’s recommended cooking temperature?

Flavorseal’s line of ovenable bags can be used at temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 25 to 50 degrees higher than many other options currently available. This film is also abrasion- and puncture-resistant and exhibits very low protein adhesion, which promotes browning. Trial runs can also show you how well various materials work at preventing adhesion and promoting browning.

How will the packaging be sealed on the processing line?

Processors may be able to reduce rework by using ovenable bags with lower sealing and forming temperature and a wider sealing window. For example, Flavorseal’s polyester material seals to itself or trays at significantly lower temperatures than traditional polyester film. With a wider sealing window than many other polyester and polyamide films, these films can help cut rework rates.

What size bag will be needed?

Since this packaging will also be for cooking, it's important to consider the size and gauge of material needed. New proprietary polyester-based products are available in different formats in a range of thicknesses to suit various applications. Flavorseal offers ovenable polyester bags in multiple widths and in gauges up to 6 mils thick. Work with Flavorseal’s Technical Team to help select the right product for your application. Contact us for additional product details or a trial run.



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