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Flavorseal Printed Shrink Bags and Shrink Films Make Memorable Food Packaging

Printed Shrink Packaging Combines Great Looks and Great Performance

In the highly competitive food industry, Flavorseal is helping processors protect their brands with a combination of superior packaging and full color printing on all types of vacuum shrink bags and vacuum shrinkable films. Flavorseal’s printed shrink packaging creates high impact and high visibility food products that really stand out on grocery shelves.

“At Flavorseal, we know how essential it is for packaging to combine both performance and aesthetics,” says Ryan Till, market manager for Flavorseal. “While our customers understand how important it is to select the right film and make sure it runs correctly on their equipment, the consumer will really only notice the attractive print on the outside. Luckily, Flavorseal can do both.”

As part of its commitment to this two-pronged approach, Flavorseal recently enhanced their print capabilities to meet the complex artwork requirements that their customers demanded.

“We understand and appreciate our customers need to protect their brands with packaging that accurately reflects it.” continues Till. “Flavorseal’s current resources make it possible for us to provide food packaging solutions that meets that need.”



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