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Flavorseal offers Meat Processors New Ways to Add Flavor to Products

Flavorseal’s Seasoning Transfer Technology makes it easy to meet growing consumer demands for new tastes.


With a patented technology that allows meat processors to add seasonings and flavors to their existing production line, Flavorseal’s seasoning transfer technology products help processors keep up with increasing consumer demands for new and different flavors.

“Every day we seem to see an article on the increasing demand for exciting new flavors in foods, especially in meats.” said Dave Wince, vice president of the food processing division at Flavorseal. “For processors who are looking for ways to add flavor to their hams, bacon, or deli meats, we have a seasoning transfer product that will let them create new flavored products quickly and easily, and with great results.”

Flavorseal offers three primary seasoning transfer products. Seasoned Netting provides superior forming, shaping and pattern, as well as seasoning and spices for boneless deli meats without an additional step in the processing line. Seasoning transfer sheets have the seasoning pre-applied to a sheet, providing a controlled application of spice to meats like bacon. Seasoning transfer casings have the spice pre-applied to the inside of a casing, which can be either individually clipped or shirred to run on most standard processing equipment.

Flavorseal specializes in products for the food processing and foodservice markets, providing customized solutions that improve ways to package flavor. In addition to the SQF Level 3 Certification, the Flavorseal manufacturing facility has achieved a superior rating from the American Institute of Baking (AIB). For more information, visit us at www.flavorseal.com or email us at info@flavorseal.com. We are located at 35179 Avon Commerce Parkway, Avon, OH 44011. Phone: 440-937-3900 or Toll-Free: 866-769-1500; Fax: 440-937-3901.



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