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Flavorseal celebrates 25 years in 2023

By Flavorseal

Every great company has an inspiring origin story – a pivotal moment when the company reached a crossroads, and the decision made set the company on its current path.

For Flavorseal, that story begins with an 18-wheeler pulling up in front of a house on a quiet residential street.

25 years ago, Flavorseal was called Carroll Sales, a small distributor of netting to butcher shops with one employee and no office space. But the arrival of a large truck on the residential street sent a clear message – either expand the business to a proper space, or limit the growth of the company so it could stay housebound. The answer was obvious – it was time to move.

Unfortunately, the exact location for the new company was not so obvious.

Over the next five years, Flavorseal moved five times. With each new location, Carroll Sales (now called CMS) added new technologies, products and capabilities and quickly outgrew the space. Finally, CMS settled in Avon, Ohio – an up and coming suburb on the outskirts of Cleveland with plenty of room to grow. So this time when they grew, they just added on to the building.

And grow they did, not only expanding the building but changing the company name from CMS to Flavorseal.

A History of Innovation

Each move, name change and expansion was driven by new innovation and the need for extra space to accommodate new equipment and additional products. It started with bag making equipment, including their patented handled cook chill bags for the food service industry. Soon after, they added Flavorseal-branded personal protective gear, and expanded their in-house knitting capabilities.

The final addition was Flavorseal’s seasoning transfer production room. This exciting new technology, acquired in 2011, required completely separate manufacturing processes and facilities which Flavorseal’s newly expanded building was able to accommodate with ease.

The Future of Flavorseal – M&Q Holdings

In 2018, Flavorseal was acquired by M&Q Holdings, joining the engineered materials division with M&Q Packaging. Together with Outlook Group, this integrated packaging supply group is able to cover a full range of packaging manufacturing from film extrusions to final packaging and serves a widely diverse customer base. Flavorseal’s partnership with these companies has opened up new possibilities for innovation and development in areas like sustainable packaging and roll stock.  

What will the next 25 year bring?

Flavorseal has come a long way from a single employee working from home. But the spirit of innovation still remains very much a part of who the company is. And as long as Flavorseal still has land to expand, who knows where we will be in 2048?

For more information about Flavorseal’s history, or to speak with a team member about any of Flavorseal’s products, contact us at https://info.flavorseal.com/contact-us




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