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Even before the challenges that COVID brought to the food industry, food manufacturers were looking to automation as a way to reduce the need for labor on the packaging line. Thermoforming machines that use roll stock rather than bags, such as those used in some meat and cheese plants, can provide an efficient packaging method without sacrificing package performance or product appearance.

It’s no surprise that a quality end package starts with a quality film. While there are many films available, it’s important that food manufacturers understand some key performance characteristics they will need from their packaging. Below are some aspects that should be considered as part of the packaging selection process.

Product Type - Different proteins require different materials, oxygen barriers, and other important aspects that must be considered before selecting the correct film type. Understanding the product, its dimensions, weight, and other factors can have a significant impact on the type of film chosen.

Shelf Life Requirements - One of the most significant benefits of using roll stock films is their ability to extend the shelf life of your products. This ensures your products stay fresh longer, resulting in less waste and longer shelf life. Extending shelf life results in better customer satisfaction, less product loss, and a reduction in earnings loss. Understanding the shelf life requirements for the product is the first step in selecting the right film.

The Retail Experience - Roll stock films can provide high-clarity packaging that makes your products stand out on the shelf, but not all films are able to provide a vibrant print. Understanding what the end product should look like, and how the customer interacts with the packaging is important. In addition to the look, functional characteristics, such as a tear notch for easy removal, are not available with every film. If this is a requirement for this product, it’s necessary to identify it at the start.

Ongoing Support – Whether getting a new film running optimally, or consulting on an issue, it is helpful if the film supplier can provide additional technical expertise to supplement a company’s in-house experts. However, not all film providers offer this service, so clarify if this is offered by your film supplier.

If you’re looking for a food packaging solution that can lower costs, increase shelf life, upgrade printing, and enhance efficiency, then consider using Flavorseal’s Roll Stock Films. Our line of thermoforming films is designed specifically to be used with a wide range of thermoforming machines, with a wide seal range for greater efficiency and reduced packaging failure. Flavorseal roll stock films feature a superior gloss and clarity, with high-quality printing capabilities that enhance any product’s on-shelf appeal.

Flavorseal’s roll stock films are suitable for a wide range of food products and packaging styles, so you can find the best packaging solution for your specific food product. Thanks to their wide-ranging advantages, these films can bring cost savings, efficiency, high-quality branding, extended shelf-life, and sustainability to your food product. Whatever your business needs, Flavorseal is always committed to providing quality and expertise to make your packaging process better than ever before. Contact us today, or visit our Flavorseal Roll Stock page for more information.



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