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Video Tour of Flavorseal’s Hometown - Avon, Ohio

City of Avon OhioInterested in learning about the city Flavorseal calls home? See what our city has to offer without leaving your seat with the recently completed Community Video Tour of Avon, Ohio.

Flavorseal is proud to be a part of this video project initiated by the city of Avon which showcases the many unique features of the city. Videos feature local parks, tourist attractions, shopping and residential areas, along with prominent companies in the city to show people who are looking to relocate what a great community we have.

Take a moment to browse through the Community Videos located on the Avon website: www.cityofavon.com. Among the videos is a company overview of Flavorseal as well as a few comments by Flavorseal’s president, Chris Carroll, on the advantages of living and working in Avon.



Flavorseal Company Overview (VIDEO)



With competition between protein products like meat, poultry, and plant-based proteins increasing, newer packaging certifications can be a powerful way to differentiate brands.

Tony Benik, an outside technical service representative with Flavorseal, has an interesting saying about plastic packaging: “Plastic steals or plastic seals.” It steals when a bad seal leads to...

Meat and poultry processors have always gone to great lengths to ensure their products are processed, packaged and stored in a way that balances food safety with production costs. But the “clean...