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Right-Sized Packaging Solutions for Slaughter Facilities

Slaughter facility managers sometimes ask us how we got our start supplying packaging solutions to the slaughterhouse industry. The answer, we tell them, relates to demand, supply and solutions: we understand the unique packaging demands these facilities have, and we’re able to supply them with solutions.

As a company with its beginnings rooted in providing packaging, merchandising and seasoning solutions for processors in the ready-to-eat proteins market, serving slaughter industry partners might seem like a departure. But the evolution to offering a full range of slaughter packaging products and equipment has been a natural one for Flavorseal. It’s one that has benefited slaughter facilities searching for vendors equipped to meet an array of needs: highest quality packaging, products in various dimensions, innovative solutions, fast service, and the ideal quantities of supply.

Already a supplier of high-barrier structural films and packaging for companies in the meat processing industry for decades, we have gradually aligned our products and services to this new market segment. Our slaughter segment solutions expanded significantly just three years ago with the addition of packaging equipment and shrinkable films and bags in North America. The move gave slaughter facilities an additional one-stop solution for packaging and equipment.

A Focus on Flexible Supply.

Since entering the slaughter segment, one of our goals has been to fill the supply gaps in an underserved market. We’ve accomplished this by addressing some of the common challenges we see or hear about in the slaughter industry: inflexible packaging order and receiving quantities, a lack of prompt service options for packaging equipment, or a general lack of concern for slaughter processors’ day-to-day packaging problems.

Our solution to these concerns has been working with our partners to offer the full range of sizes and types of structural films that slaughter partners demand. Another approach has been implementing practices to smooth out slaughter facilities’ supply chains. This means developing plans to supply partners with the right sizes and types of structural materials, in the right quantities, at just the right times. We’ve also developed flexible ordering options that ensure steady supply without extensive lead times. This two-pronged approach helps our slaughter partners maximize efficiencies and control costs, while also helping them to reduce failure rates associated with faulty or poorly matched packaging.

Innovative Equipment Options.

Slaughter packaging product solutions comprise more than just packaging. By adding a line of cutting-edge packaging equipment for slaughterhouses, we’ve also infused the industry with more options and innovations. The iSeries line of rotary chamber vacuum machines, shrink, chill and dry tunnels offer slaughter facilities a number of unique features and competitive industry advantages, such as a compact design and 99.9% stainless steel construction. Built specifically for use by the food processing industry, their sturdy construction withstands the repeated, rigorous and routine cleanings and chemicals used in washdown processes. These machines also offer automatic monitoring and control features designed to reduce processing failure rates, keeping slaughter facilities productive. Finally, partners receive prompt assistance and support through our network of experienced technical specialists based around the country.

The Total Package.

From packaging to equipment to supply, our evolution of service in the slaughter industry has been a natural progression. Over the years we’ve been proud to cater to slaughter facilities searching for flexible options in what has traditionally been perceived as a limited marketplace. The result is being able to provide customized, responsive packaging solutions to protein processors at every stage in the protein production process.

For further details on Flavorseal’s partner-focused approach to slaughterhouse packaging, contact us.






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