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Flavorseal earns Gluten-Free and Organic Certifications

Flavorseal, a provider of innovative food packaging solutions for the food processing and meat processing industries, is pleased to announce that its facility and seasoning transfer products have been certified gluten-free from NSF International. This certification joins the organic certification that Flavorseal also recently received from Quality Assurance International (QAI).

Food processors are under increased scrutiny and demand from consumers looking for products labeled gluten-free and organic. Flavorseal’s new certifications give its customers the confidence that Flavorseal’s seasoning transfer products and its manufacturing facility comply with these guidelines.

Flavorseal’s gluten-free certification meets and exceeds FDA guidelines for gluten-free labeling. A comprehensive, stringent auditing process was conducted, which included sensitive testing procedures, on-site inspections aligned to manufacturing and storage, an independent application review process to validate the accuracy of the gluten-free seasoning transfer products, and maintaining segregated manufacturing areas to avoid cross-contamination.

Flavorseal’s organic designation was earned following a rigorous auditing process that included demonstrating that appropriate procedures are in place for the purchase of organic manufacturing materials as well as segregated manufacturing areas to avoid cross-contamination with non-organic products.

“As processors increasingly seek to respond to consumer demands – whether it be aligned to flavor, nutritional interests or use of organic materials – Flavorseal is committed to offering our customers innovative packaging solutions that directly address consumer requirements,” said Dr. Gus Eskamani, Director of Corporate Compliance and Innovation at Flavorseal. “Being able to indicate on packaging that products are gluten-free and/or organic is important to both processors and consumers.”



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