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Flavorseal Introduces Seasoning Transfer Bags

Game-Changing Technology Applies Seasoning and Packaging in One Step.

Flavorseal, a leading innovator in the application of seasoning to films and casings, is excited to announce their latest innovation, Seasoning Transfer Bags.

Seasoning Transfer Bags combine Flavorseal’s superior shrink packaging with a patented new technology that bonds seasoning to the inside of the bag.

“Ever since we introduced seasoning transfer technology to the protein processing market, there was one additional product that our customers continually asked us for,” said Jeff Binczyk, Chief Growth Officer for Flavorseal. “We are so excited to provide this seasoned bag innovation to the protein industry. We know it will truly revolutionize the way processors add flavor to proteins.”

Seasoning Transfer Bags offer processors the ability to season and package proteins in one step, eliminating the manual application of spice, while at the same time reducing labor and clean up time on the processing line. Because there is no seal on the side of the bag, the spice application creates a hand-applied look without the mess or added expense of wasted spice. In addition, due to Flavorseal’s in-house printing capabilities, Seasoned bags can be pre-printed, eliminating the need for an extra packaging step.

Flavorseal is a part of M&Q Holdings, which also includes M&Q Packaging, a manufacturer of specialty high‐temperature, ovenable packaging which is used in food service, food processing, medical and industrial markets, and Outlook Group Printing and Packaging, a leading provider of customer packaging solutions primarily serving the food and consumer products end markets.

Visit our website product page for more information about Seasoning Transfer Bags from Flavorseal.



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Flavorseal recently added to its list of industry certifications by earning the Non-GMO Project Verified seal for some food packaging within the company’s Seasoning Transfer Technology line.